I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to:

  • Mrs. Agnes Comia-Esteban, for welcoming me to Taguig and facilitating all the resources available for my research.
  • Mrs. Concordia Fresnedi, curator of the Museo de Sta. Ana, for accommodating me and my parents and re-opening the museum even if we arrived way past closing time. Thank you, too for taking time out to tour us around.
  • Kuya Edward of the Sta. Ana Parish Office, for your kindness in providing me with photocopied materials on the hisory of Taguig even without me asking.
  • my dad and mom, for understanding the importance of this project to me and taking the long haul with me to Taguig, rain, traffic and all.
  • to Ms. Lee Paje, my Humanities professor, for the constant reminders, for sharing your knowledge generously and for ensuring always that we get genuine learning.

Thank you very much and may God bless you all! :)

                                                                                       Andrea Denise M. Salcedo