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         Taguig Marks 423rd Anniversary
                                                            by Danny Valdez

Taguig in Metro Manila marks this month its 423rd anniversary . On this occasion one looks admiringly at a city that has fast metamorphosed into what is now a beehive of business, industrial and commercial activity, social events, cultural presentations, musical concerts, sports competitions, among others.

Shopping facilities (Market Market), residential and office buildings (Serendra, Icon), schools (Taguig City University), recreational areas (Global City's The Fort), residential enclaves (Mckinley Hill), medical institutions (St. Luke's, Taguig City Hospital), etc. have mushroomed altering the city's skyline while multi-star hotels and the country's unified stock exchange are on the drawing boards.

Taguig's phenomenal rise was influenced by two important events. It became a city on December 8, 2004 entitling it to an increased internal revenue allotment (IRA) from the national government - the result of the unrelenting efforts of then Cong. Dante Tinga who authored the law on the conversion. Another positive step was the sustenance by the Pasig Regional Trial Court of the city's claim over a big portion of Fort Bonifacio. The legal claim, another Tinga brainchild , carved in favor of Taguig a mammoth chunk of very valuable real estate from a neighboring city.

To address the environmental drabness endemic in other urban areas, the city - (a) boasts of two big golf courses and two green memorial parks (Libingan ng mga Bayani and Heritage Park) - all of which are seen from the air with fantastic greennery; and (b) introduced in High Street Park a novel concept of late-night, open-air shopping. Moreover, Taguig's ideal location abutting Laguna de Bay gives rise to the idea of a reclaimed green park (Lakeshore Project with a marina cum bird sanctuary) and a probable airport. Finally, it offers portions of Rizal and Laguna provinces opportunity for direct access (e.g. ferry service ) to Metro Manila.

Among the notable projects realized during the administration of Mayor Sigfrido Tinga and Vice Mayor George Elias are: the Lake Shore Road Dike, Taguig Citycard, the pro-poor projects of the Taguig College University, Taguig City Hospital, Taguig Science High School, Water Lily Livelihood, Serenity Memorial Park, etc.

The city was adjudged by IMF-World Bank as the "Most Business Friendly City in the Philippines" making it a focus of investor interest. One of a few honored LGUs in Metro Manila, it has twice garnered the coveted "Galing Pook Award" for its "Family Townhomes" pro-poor project.

The Taguigenos' avowed objective of capturing the title "Country's Financial Center" is echoed in their bold slogan - "2020 Vision: The Philippines' Premier City" ! - VBD

Research by: Andrea Denise M. Salcedo