Facts & Trivias

  • Makati City and Taguig City fought over the authority of Fort Bonifacio.
  • Taguig used to be the "Divisoria" of the south
  • The city of Taguig is very popular because of The Fort Bonifacio, which is known as an area of luxury and superior residences. Like the Serendra, etc.
  •  Taguig City’s remarkable growth and continuing progress shows that their vision to become the Philippine’s Premier City in the year 2020 is not far from reality. This gives the in Taguig people inspiration and hope. And also this will make all Filipinos proud.
  • The early settlers of Taguig were known to thresh rice right after harvesting it and their term for it was "Taga-giik". They found this hard to pronounce and ended up being pronounced as Taguig, which is how the city got its name. So from "Taga-giik", they ended up with "Taguig".
  • Taguig is located at the northwestern shore of Laguna de Bay. It is right next to the upper opening of the Pasig River called the "Napindan Channel".
  • Two of the top state universities are in Taguig City: The Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and the Technological University of the Philippines.
  • The whole Taguig was very unique and different when it comes to their landscape; it used to be a very wide flat area exclusively dedicated just for agricultural purposes only.
  • This city experiences tropical weather which means it’s sunny in most months and it rains occasionally.
  • The Fort Bonifacio or The Bonifacio Global City is the most admired and well known area in Taguig and is popular for high class residences. This area is known for international schools, tremendous and expensive shopping complexes, entertainment establishments and of course, the office spaces.
  • The origins of the inhabitants of Taguig can be found in the area of Poblacion.  This is where the city’s government resides and is home to the 400-year-old Sta. Ana Church which is the center of Catholic churches in Taguig.
  • Upper Taguig used to be recognized as Bicutan from the Filipino term “Pinagbicutan”. This is where the Maharlika Village can be found.
  • Lower Taguig or Bagumbayan got its name from the Filipino term “bago” which means new and the term “bayan” which means settlement.
  • Taguig’s upcoming area is the Lakeshore District which the city envisions to be the foremost tourist and lifestyle area of Metro Manila. This area is close to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. This project includes golf courses, residential and commercial areas that will make up a lively and vibrant zone.

by Louise Caroline Catacutan